The Kardomah Cafe on Birmingham's New Street

About Kardomah Café

The Kardomah cafés were a chain of coffee shops in the UK and Paris popular in the first half of the 20th century. They featured live entertainment, coffee, riveting conversation and were a gathering place for writers and artists.

Or, if you ask others, the Kardomah Café existed in an age before we had good coffee. It was a large room with tables laid out, like a cafeteria, not at all trendy but it considered itself upmarket. There was a bar at the end where you went up to buy coffee, awful coffee, but it was the sort of place you could go in and sit and talk for a long time.


As I'm neither a writer nor an artist the second description is probably more apt. also happened to be domain name I purchased for one of my many projects that never came to fruition so it has now been repurposed as a blog where I can share my muddled thoughts.

There were two Kardomah cafés in Birmingham, one near Snow Hill and one on New Street whose mosaics you can still see in what is now the Charles Tyrwhitt shop.


Above: The Kardomah Café on New Street

Right: A View of New Street from Victoria Square c.1937